NWUPC Team News Update


As part of a general restructuring of team roles at NWUPC we would like to update you on a number of changes that have been made to NWUPC staff positions:

Jane Billows is now our new Head of Business Services and Membership.  Jane is now responsible for ensuring that we communicate with you and our wider stakeholders in the most effective way, bringing together membership, communications and business support services to ensure a more streamlined and effective service.

Helen Dodd-William's role name has changed from Head of Contracting to Head of Strategic Procurement, this change better reflects the breadth and areas of responsibility that fall within the role.

Ayoade Onireti's role name has changed to Membership Services Co-ordinator to reflect the wider membership engagement that takes place beyond the Category Groups.

Dominique Deveroux's role name has changed from Contracting Support Officer to Category Support Officer.

Our full team and contact details can be found at the Meet the Team section of our website. 

We'd also like to take this opportunity to remind you of our new email accounts, as shown below. The @manchester.ac.uk email accounts are no longer active; an automated message with new contact details will be returned, but messages WILL NOT be auto-forwarded.

Staff Email Accounts

ayoade.onireti@manchester.ac.uk has changed to Ayoade.Onireti@nwupc.ac.uk

david.canham@manchester.ac.uk has changed to David.Canham@nwupc.ac.uk

david.mcintyre@manchester.ac.uk has changed to David.McIntyre@nwupc.ac.uk

david.yates-2@manchester.ac.uk has changed to David.Yates@nwupc.ac.uk

dominique.deveroux@manchester.ac.uk has changed to Dominique.Deveroux@nwupc.ac.uk

helen.dodd-williams@manchester.ac.uk has changed to Helen.DoddWilliams@nwupc.ac.uk 

jane.billows@manchester.ac.uk has changed to Jane.Billows@nwupc.ac.uk

julie-ann.garton-2@manchester.ac.uk has changed to Julie-Ann.Garton@nwupc.ac.uk

margaret.bryant@manchester.ac.uk has changed to Margaret.Bryant@nwupc.ac.uk

natasha.peacock@manchester.ac.uk has changed to Natasha.Peacock@nwupc.ac.uk

sarah.dye@manchester.ac.uk has changed to Sarah.Dye@nwupc.ac.uk

todd.jefferies@manchester.ac.uk has changed to to Todd.Jefferies@nwupc.ac.uk