NWUPC are pleased to announce the launch of the SUPC led re-tendered Travel Management Services Framework to all NWUPC, APUC, HEPCW, LUPC, NEUPC and SUPC members. The framework will be available till... read more
UKUPC members can now download the UKUPC Procurement Act 2023 Impact Review, produced by SUPC for UKUPC members. It includes the key changes and their impacts; the objectives and highlights of the... read more
Lot 4 - Salary Sacrifice, of the Sustainable Fleet Solutions Framework, was launched in December 2022 and with the combined input from the two suppliers awarded to the lot, GMP and Knowles Fleet, we... read more
The APUC led Finance, HR/Payroll Systems Framework (ITS1056 AP) has been re-tendered with Lot 1, HR/Payroll Systems and Lot 2, Finance Systems, both now fully live and available.  Lot 1 went live in... read more
Earlier this month, colleagues from across the UKUPC partners (APUC. HEPCW, LUPC, NEUPC, NWUPC, SUPC, TUCO and TEC) gathered in York to attend a strategy day to discuss how we can provide best value... read more
 Registration is now open for all awarded suppliers to book their stands and take part in this year’s conference, to be held on Tuesday 25th June 2024, at the University of Liverpool.This year's... read more
 Futher to our initial email sent earlier this week on UKUPC’s support for implementing the Procurement Act, we are pleased to be able to provide you with more information on the free UKUPC... read more
  This year, the implementation of the new Procurement Act 2023 will dominate the activity of our procurement communities across the public sector. UKUPC will provide you with regular updates on... read more
 NWUPC Members can now register to attend our Annual Conference 2024, which will be held on Tuesday 25th June 2024 at The University of Liverpool.There are many reasons to register but here are a few... read more
We are pleased to announce that Members now have access to the latest iteration of the Photographic Equipment & Consumables Framework (AVI3199 NW) which is now available to Members. This... read more