White Goods and Associated Electrical Appliances Framework Launched!


NWUPC are delighted to announce that Members are now able to access the new NWUPC led White Goods and Associated Electrical Appliances Framework – JAN3134 NW. This national agreement is available to Members of NWUPC, APUC, CPC, HEPCW, LUPC, NEUPC and SUPC. The agreement went live on the 1st June 2021 and will run for 3 years + an optional 12 month extension to 31st May 2025.

The White Goods and Associated Electrical Appliances agreement covers a wide range of items from small appliances such as toasters to large appliances such as fridge-freezers. You can find more information on the products within the scope of the agreement in the interactive video further down this email. The framework also covers associated services such as installation and disposal on a non-mandatory basis. To find out which suppliers offer these elements, please review the User Guide on HE Contracts.

The framework covers the following areas:

  • Lot 1 - White Goods and Associated Electrical Appliances (Great Britain and British Isles)
  • Lot 2 - White Goods and Associated Electrical Appliances (Northern Ireland)

The scope of the agreement is the same for both lots.

Framework Launch Presentation

For a full breakdown of how to use the framework please watch the interactive video below or use this link. Please use the arrows to move through to the next section or click directly on the required section of the video.

What’s new:

The White Goods agreement is a well-established Framework Agreement. As such, many of the changes involve small tweaks to bring it up to date and reflect member requirements. A notable change from the previous iteration is the addition of a Northern Ireland specific lot. This was included to streamline the call-off procedure.

Another area NWUPC has focused on is the terms and conditions. Lessons from the previous agreement taught us that White Goods products are periodically discontinued.  As such, NWUPC has included new provisions to encourage the proactive reporting of obsolete products to ensure that price files remain accurate.

Members also have the right to request the supplier personnel entering their premises have a valid DBS certificate where this is deemed important, at call-off stage.

The terms and conditions stipulate that for any standard deliveries for stocked items, suppliers will deliver with a maximum of 5 working days from receipt of order.

Benefits of using this agreement:

  • A compliant and simplified route to market for your requirements.
  • Pre-approved suppliers awarded following evaluation against member driven criteria.
  • Preferential terms and conditions with all awarded Suppliers that are available for use.
  • The ability to call-off as and when required without the need to run a full tender process.
  • The agreement allows for flexibility so that you can determine your specific requirements at call-off stage.
  • Contract management of the agreement is provided by NWUPC and all-round general support as we are always available to help.

Suppliers awarded:

Lot 1
  • John Gillman & Sons Ltd
  • Lyreco UK Ltd
  • Premier Electrical Wholesalers
  • Rexel UK Ltd
  • Stearn Electric Co Ltd
  • The Furnishing Service     
Lot 2    
  • Gordons Electrical Suppliers
  • Stearn Electric Co Ltd
Please note that NWUPC are still finalising award with some suppliers, more information on this can be found in the User Guide. For further information on these Suppliers including contact details, service offering and achieved scores there is a detailed User Guide available on HE Contracts.

For further questions or enquiries contact Sarah Dye, NWUPC’s Domestic Supplies & Services Category Manager on Sarah.Dye@nwupc.ac.uk or call on 0161 234 8016.