Washroom Services Framework has been launched!

NWUPC are pleased to announce that Members are now able to access the new NWUPC led Washroom Services  Framework - JAN3136 NW. This national agreement is a retender of a well-established agreement available to Members of NWUPC, APUC, CPC, HEPCW, LUPC, NEUPC and SUPC and covers both washroom services and period dignity solutions.  The agreement went live on the 1st May 2021 and will run for 3 years + an optional 12 month extension to 30th April 2025.
The washroom services element of the agreement is split into regional lots, as listed below, in an effort to support access to the agreement for SMEs and provide institutions with access to a wider supplier base. 
Lot 13 is a national lot (excluding Northern Ireland) which is available for use only where institutions have multiple sites cutting across multiple regional lots and wish to engage a single supplier to cover all sites.  Where possible the use of the relevant regional lot is encouraged to provide opportunities for regional suppliers.
The framework covers the following areas;
  • Lot 1- Washroom Services East Anglia
  • Lot 2- Washroom Services East Midlands
  • Lot 3- Washroom Services London
  • Lot 4- Washroom Services North East England
  • Lot 5- Washroom Services North West England
  • Lot 6- Washroom Services Scotland
  • Lot 7- Washroom Services South East England
  • Lot 8- Washroom Services South West England
  • Lot 9- Washroom Services Wales
  • Lot 10- Washroom Services West Midlands
  • Lot 11- Washroom Services Yorkshire
  • Lot 12- Washroom Services Northern Ireland
  • Lot 13- Washroom Services National  (Excluding Northern Ireland)
  • Lot 14- Period Dignity Solutions - a detailed breakdown of Lot 14 including a national launch event for Period Dignity Solutions can be found here.

National Launch Event for Washroom Services:

To provide members with an opportunity to receive information about the new agreement, how to use the agreement and ask any questions, a series of events have been scheduled.  The first will be a framework launch presentation by NWUPC Domestics Supplies and Services Category Manager Sarah Dye, lasting 45 minutes with 15 minutes for a Q&A. You can register your place here.

  • When – Tuesday 22nd June 2021 – 10am – 11am
  • Where – To be held Online
For a full breakdown of how to use the framework please watch the interactive video below. Please use the arrows to move through to the next section or click directly on the required section of the video. 

What’s New:

The agreement now includes:

  • A detailed specification of requirements which outlines the services and products available through the agreement, the product conformance standards, and the minimum service levels.  The specification covers such areas as: account management, mobilisation, exit planning, establishing & complying with service schedules, management of missed services, performance monitoring and sustainability.
  • Updated terms and conditions around contract duration including renewal, service level credits, consolidation of contracts and variation of requirements.
  • Supporting call-off documentation in the form of a mini-competition template and a direct award template to ensure that call-off contracts are brought within the terms of the agreement and the benefits and protections that the agreement affords. 
  • Areas of added value for example, the ability of suppliers to provide online account portals or 'greener' waste disposal routes such as RDF.

Benefits of using this agreement:

  • More advantageous pricing based on economies of scale from aggregated spend, with no price increases considered prior to 30th April 2022.
  • Reduced administrative effort and associated process related cost savings.
  • Multiple methods of call-off including direct award, desktop exercise and full mini-competition-including permitted variation of weightings
  • The development of a longer-term relationship with suppliers.
  • The flexibility to determine specific requirements at the call off stage.
  • Longer term business planning as the agreement spans a minimum term of three years to allow some stability from market fluctuations.
  • Contract management support

Suppliers awarded:

  • 2468 Group- Have regional coverage, please see HEC contracts for the relevant awarded regional lots.
  • Citron Hygiene UK- Have national coverage.
  • Elis UK Limited- Have national coverage.
  • Initial Washroom Hygiene- Have national coverage.
  • Personnel Hygiene Services Limited- Have national coverage.

For further information on these Suppliers including contact details, service offering and achieved scores there is a detailed User Guide available on HE Contracts.

For further questions or enquiries contact Sarah Dye, NWUPC’s Domestic Supplies & Services Category Manager on sarah.dye@nwupc.ac.uk or call on 0161 234 8016.