NWUPC Induction/refresher session 16th September 2021

NWUPC Ltd want to ensure that all stakeholders are given the opportunity to understand our company, our values and our strategic aims. We achieve this through a range of induction sessions, events and information packs. Our next induction session is to be held Thursday 16th September 2021 at 10am. 
Covering all aspects of NWUPC we hope to give you a more rounded experience of who we are as a company, how using NWUPC can benefit you and your institution, and an overview of our Framework Agreements.
Below is a brief overview of what the session will entail, we will also have time for questions at the end;
Overview of NWUPC                                                                                    
  • Brief History of NWUPC 
  • Company Structure
  • Vision, aims & objectives   
  • Values          
National Collaboration
  • JCG
  • National Comms
  • National Systems                                                                                           
Category Group process and information                                                     
  • Category Groups
  • Terms of Reference of Category Group
  • Terms of Reference of Category Group Members
  • Members Pack
  • Meetings:  Structure/Composition, Aim,                                               
  • Meeting Schedule/Venue
  • Website – Registrations
  • Newsletters, ECOnnect
  • Twitter, LinkedIn
Overview of Framework Agreement                           
  • Framework Agreement
  • Suppliers
  • Award process/Retender
  • Tender working Party
  • HEC
At the session there will be the opportunity to meet members of the NWUPC team.
Application for this session is now closed but If you would like to take part in the next induction/refresher session please email our Membership Services Coordinator, Caroline Mattinson at caroline.mattinson@nwupc.ac.uk to register your interest.