New NWUPC Member Incentives


We are launching two new exciting rebate sharing schemes that we know you are going to like. 

Our broad range of framework agreements offer a compliant and value for money route to market for our members. We are delighted with the fantastic feedback that we get from you and we want to do more to make sure that you get the most from your NWUPC membership. We are launching two new schemes to encourage you to use our frameworks for capital expenditure and help keep a check on your spend data.    


It pays to use our frameworks! 

If a member spends £3m or more through one framework on a capital construction project we will give you a 25% share of the rebate that we receive from the suppliers.  

You will need to tell us that you will be accessing the scheme so that we can tie things up at our end.  Don’t forget that you can ask your contractors to use our frameworks for construction related capital expenditure. 



Check your spend reports! 

We are keen to identify anomalies where spend that has gone through our frameworks but has not been correctly reported to us by our suppliers.    We want to make sure that any potential areas of risk are captured, the two main possible risks relating to are: 

Non-compliance with your institutions’ or funding bodies’ policies and procedures.

You might not be getting the correct pricing / terms.

If you tell us about any gaps in your spend data and we get the correct data through from the supplier as a direct result of your action we will give you a 25% share of the rebate amount that the supplier pays to us.

If you find that you are not accessing a framework when you think you should be we can help to get things back on track with the supplier(s).