New Fairphone Agreement

18 Aug
New Fairphone Agreement  

NWUPC members can now access a new agreement awarded by LUPC for Fairphone 2, the only ethically sourced Android phone that uses conflict free minerals and fairtrade gold in its manufacture.


This agreement is supplied by The Phone Co-op, the UK’s only licenced reseller of the Fairphone. It provides not only consortia members, but also their staff and students, with access to the only smartphone available in the UK that has been produced using conflict free materials, fairtrade gold and has a transparent supply chain.


The Phone Co-op has also agreed, along with the manufacturer of the phones, to the supply chain clauses drafted by Electronics Watch, which gives buyers added confidence that labour conditions have been monitored to protect the employment rights, health and safety of workers in the supply chain.


The new framework is available from 15th August and will also deliver savings of 6% against the current buy price of the phone from The Phone Co-op. Note that the price of a Fairphone 2 is increasing from 1 September, so those looking to buy should get in quick; it is currently £399 inc VAT and will rise to £413.60 inc VAT.


Buyers can find out more about how to purchase Fairphones from this agreement, including details of bulk discounts, via the Snapshot report on HE Contracts.


Read more about the agreement on HE Contracts


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