IT-Related Accessories and Parts (ITRAP) Agreement

14 Jun
IT-Related Accessories and Parts (ITRAP) Agreement  

The new IT-Related Accessories and Parts (ITRAP) Agreement has been awarded and is now live.   Providing added savings over the previous agreement, ITRAP is serviced by six suppliers and covers a wide range of products including:


  • Storage media
  • Components
  • Displays, monitors, screens and accessories
  • Cables
  • Power-related accessories
  • Peripheral accessories
  • Device protection and IT security products
  • Audio visual consumables
  • Special needs assisted technology equipment


It is important to note that this agreement does not cover laptops or notebooks - these items can be accessed through the National Desktop and Notebook Agreement.


The ITRAP agreement offers several benefits for consortia members:


  • Greater average savings than the previous ITRAP Agreement (savings vary by supplier based on value of institutional spend, supplier commitment, electronic order and invoice processing, and reduced/consolidated delivery options).
  • Gives institutions maximum flexibility with minimal need for further competition.
  • Covers a range of IT product categories that are otherwise unavailable under collaborative agreements.


The agreement brings together six well-known suppliers with experience in the higher education market.  The suppliers are: Academia, Insight Direct, Misco, Primo IT, Softcat and XMA.


You can find more information in the Agreement Snapshot and Buyer's Guide on uniBuy.