Green Paper: Transforming public procurement

Transforming public procurement
On 15th December 2020 the Cabinet Office issued a Green Paper ‘Transforming public procurement’ which intends to shape the future of public procurement in England.  The government’s goal is to speed up and simplify procurement processes, place value for money at their heart, and unleash opportunities for small businesses, charities and social enterprises to innovate in public service delivery.
The Government response to the public consultation has been published and you can read more about it HERE. will also be hosting two open webinars for anyone who wishes to join, please register by using the link on the relevant day.

When: 13th December, 10am–11am and 21st December, 2pm–3pm.

The Green Paper: Transforming public procurement can be found HERE.

The consultation questions in relation to the Green Paper can be found HERE.

Following the publication by the government of the Green Paper, NWUPC reviewed the paper to determine the potential implications along with our members and consortia peers.  The government has conducted consultation with all members of the public sector with the consultation period ending 10th of March 2021.  As we welcome potential changes to procurement processes that will provide greater value to our sector, we have also considered all advantages, disadvantages and potential implications of proposed changes on members, consortia and our supply chains. 

You can read the combined UKUPC response HERE.

You can read the combined NWUPC response HERE.

It is important that the HE sector has a strong and well-represented voice throughout this consultation process.  Your feedback as an NWUPC member was critical to this process and we would like to thank you all for your contribution. 

If you have anything you wish to discuss about the Green Paper please contact us here.

The Cabinet office ask that if you, or colleagues wish to receive updates directly from the Cabinet office please use this form.